BizStart video series 1: Mind Your Own Business

Ready to make your business a reality? Start here: get all the essentials in this three-part series. You'll learn the basics of developing a business plan, conducting market research, and financing options to fund your startup.

Part 1: basics of business planning (60 min)

This fast-paced session will provide you with a high-level overview of key elements you need to consider for your business plan. In addition to reviewing the outline of a typical business plan, you'll be introduced to a "process and flow" that turns data and information into a usable guide for your business.

Part 2: market research for your business plan (60 min)

You've learned what goes into a business plan, but now the question is: how do you find that information? Market research can help you gain insight into your industry, competition, target market and more. It will help you create effective strategies to start your business right.

Part 3: Financing Options for your startup (60 min)

Congratulations as you begin your exciting journey in business! Before you head out on that road to success, be sure to fuel-up your vehicle. You'll need to understand what types and how much funding you'll need to get you safely to your destination.

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Jim Ewing

Pro-Vision Solutions Inc.

Jim Ewing is co-founder of Pro-Vision Solutions Inc., an Alberta-based provider of innovative solutions for today’s business organizations and leaders. With more than 30 years of business and communication expertise, the Pro-Vision team helps you build the skills and confidence necessary for success, facilitating business plan and mentorship program development, in addition to advanced communication and presentation skills coaching.

Kari Morton

Business Link

Kari has always possessed a passion for learning new things and helping people succeed. She is a graduate of the Bachelor of Commerce program at the University of Alberta, specializing in international business, marketing, and Spanish. Throughout her degree, she gained work experience in human resources, accounting, and market research. Now working at Business Link as a Business Services Specialist, she puts her broad range of interests and experience to work for entrepreneurs, providing them with support to start and operate their business successfully.