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To IP or not to IP?

Category: Intellectual Property

If you have an existing customer base, listen to feedback. The messages customers are sending may be the impetus for a ground-breaking idea or even inspire a new way of thinking. You may also think of partnering with like-minded companies to work together to develop new and innovative ideas. This could be especially useful if you can benefit from each other's expertise in a particular area.

Trevor Boller

Category: Clients

With our MoJo Photo booths, we set up and can fit 8-10 or more people for an event of unlimited photos that last forever.  
Weddings, Corporate Events, Mixers, Graduations, Fund Raisers, Golf Tournaments, or any reason to celebrate.
BMP is owned by Local Photographer – Trevor Boller of Edmonton, Alberta. He believes in having the “best day ever” for both himself and his clients.

A New Year and New Goals!

Category: Business planning

The new year is just a few days away, and while most people focus on personal resolutions like losing a few pounds and waking up earlier, you, as a small business owner, must also set business resolutions. We asked five recognized small business experts to share their best advice on creating new year’s goals that will set you on track for a great year, and the following is what they generously shared.

Should You Incorporate Your Business? Your Website or Blog?

Category: Legal issues

Should you incorporate your business? I get this question a lot, and recently I have been getting more of it after I wrote about the tax benefits of owning a business.  So here are my thoughts on the subject matter.
Business incorporation is done for several reasons such as liability protection, tax planning, the ability to raise capital through investment (such an IPO or Initial Public Offering), and others.  Should you incorporate your small mom and pop operation however?

5 Subtle But Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

Category: Marketing

The buzz phrase in digital marketing has been “content is king” over the past few years. As entrepreneurs, we all know the only constant in our world is change. And with that, content marketing is evolving. Most content is creating noise and assaulting our senses as consumers.  It is time to maximize our efforts, simplify and build content that engages, acquires and converts.